This Site is dedicated to all those families of the people that have tragically disappeared on flights in and around New Zealand. I  only hope that from all the effort in building this site and from all the effort of those taking part in this venture, that it will bear fruit in bringing ‘closure’ to their memories!
Gavin Grimmer
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Keeping in mind Joan Dighton/Robinson’s statement “smaller entrance...was right on the north east corner of the tennis court”, in these 1973 photos there does appear to be a possible entrance on the NE corner, but if you look closely at the 1968 photo, this object does appear to be a little longer which then suggests that maybe this is only a washout?... Who knows?

In the 29-04-42 photo on the previous page, I showed another position further north along the track that shows another possible entrance and some sort of workings spanning across the track. In some of the photos you can see what appears to be spoils over the bank from these workings and in one or two photos you can see what may be the concrete up-rights of a tunnel entrance, but it is just too blurry to say for sure. These workings across the track were evidently mounds of dirt built up for the soldiers to lie on when aiming their rifles on the targets that were mounted in front of the testing room doors as this area was used as a firing range at that time. We know from one witness account (and  

from evidence shown in WW2 photos) that there was extensive tunneling carried out by South Island West Coast miners during that period (contrary to available Official Reports) so it is quite likely (and possibly logical?) that there may have been a tunnel at the western end of these mounds to bring all the small arms ammunition out - especially given the possibility of the amount of debris shown over the bank at this location in some photos.

In the photo on the previous page dated 29/04/42 you can see evidence of the Southern Battery in the process of being camouflaged. This was happening to virtually all of the Batteries at that time. The 1940 photos show what appears to be a road or track being built and the 1942 photos show what may be a very steep track inclining down the hill from that track. If this is indeed leading to an entrance, then this may explain David Black’s statement of, “ I could never satisfactorily work out a connection to the existing roading system. I think this is why we thought it had been used by tracked vehicles.”

This does start sounding like there is a possibility of two entrances in this area, especially when you take into account Rodney Ord’s statement, “The tunnel in the bank below the tennis court went up to another level where there was another big magazine that had big barn type doors on the entrance.”

This sounds to me like the lower entrance “smaller entrance” (Joan Dighton/Robinson) was connected by a tunnel to the much larger double doored entrance spoken of by the others.

The other interesting thing is Stuart Brydon’s observation of, “In the floor was a deep shaft with an iron ladder and water was at the bottom of it.”

When you look at the direction of where the sewer tunnel runs, it becomes very feasible that a tunnel system where it is reported that staff worked and lived in them, it would obviously need a place to dispose of waste. To not make use of a sewer line running right through underneath you would simply not make sense!

Unfortunately, due to the awkwardness of this side of the hill as far as photographs are concerned, making the only reasonably suitable ones limited to having to be taken from an aircraft, the angles and the focuses and definition is never quite right to determine where these entrances on this side of the hill actually least with the photos that I presently have!


Martin Butler has just released his latest update on his web site giving proof that there are hidden tunnels on North Head!:  



If you are presently a skeptic and read and hear what he has to say and still don’t agree - then you never will....

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